Jupiter Ace

Released in April 1983 at the price of 89.95, the Jupiter Ace was a rather unique machine. Rather than the usual BASIC programming language used by their competitors, Jupiter Cantab equipped their machine with Forth, a structured, stack-based computer programming language which, generally speaking helped open the door to interactive execution of commands and data recovery.

In June 1983, a successor to the Ace, named the Ace 16+ was announced, but the company's demise in November of the same year meant that the machine was never released.

The machine's similar appearance to the ZX81, is not coincidental, as the designers, Richard Altwasser and Steven Vickers, were both ex-Sinclair employees.

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Manufacturer Jupiter Cantab
Processor Z80A
Speed (MHz) 3.25
RAM (KB) 3
RAM expandable to (KB) 51
ROM (KB) 8
Sound Simple buzzer
Keyboard type Calculator-style
Number of keys 40
Dimensions (mm) 215x190x30
Weight (g) 246
  • Cassette port
  • RF interface
  • User port (edge connector)

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