logo High and white were its walls, and smooth its stairs, and tall and strong was the Tower of the King. There shining fountains played, and in the courts of Turgon stood images of the trees of old
The Silmarillion, JRR Tolkien
The Home Computer Hall of Fame
The Hall of Fame is a virtual museum of early home computers (mostly from the 1980s). For some it's a nostalgia trip (remember trying to write Space Invaders using less than 16k of RAM?), for others it's a history lesson (yes kiddies, there was life before Windows).
How Does The Internet Work?
The Internet is a complicated, confusing thing, able to be understood only by an elite few. Hang on a minute. No, it isn't. It just looks complicated from a distance. Take a look at some of the individual parts that make the Internet work and it's really quite simple. Go on, have a read. You might be surprised.
The Gondolin Tolkien Store
Yes, I'm a Tolkien fan (something that can be blamed on an otherwise very dull second year English approved reading list at school) which (in part, at least) explains the domain name. It should also helps to explain why there's a book (and DVD and music) store attached to the site. Even if you're not interested in reading the books, you should at least listen to the BBC radio dramatisation.




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