Enterprise 64 / 128

When originally announced in September 1983, the Enterprise appeared to be an ideal machine, promising excellent graphics and expandability. Unfortunately, due to numerous techincal problems the machine wasn't released until May 1985, by which time its features, while still good, did not make it stand out from the more established competition.

Along with the technical problems, the Enterprise also suffered from an identity crisis during its development. When first announced, the machine was called the Enterprise Elan, a little later this was changed to the Flan, then the Samurai and finally just the Enterprise.

Title image
Manufacturer Enterprise
Processor Z80
Speed (MHz) 4
RAM (KB) 128, 64
RAM expandable to (KB) (unknown)
ROM (KB) 32
Sound 3 channels with noise
Keyboard type Typewriter-style
Number of keys 69
Dimensions (mm) (unknown)x(unknown)x(unknown)
Weight (g) (unknown)
  • Cassette interface
  • RGB socket
  • Centronics printer port
  • Serial port
  • Joystick port
  • Expansion slot
  • Cartridge slot


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