An early, but surprisingly well specified machine, the Belgian-made DAI was used by the Dutch broadcasting authority as part of their TV computer course.

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Manufacturer Data Applications International
Processor 8080A
Speed (MHz) 2
RAM (KB) 48
RAM expandable to (KB) (unknown)
ROM (KB) 32
Sound 3 stereo channels plus noise
Keyboard type Typewriter-style
Number of keys 57
Dimensions (mm) 120x380x450
Weight (g) (unknown)
  • Parallel port
  • DCE bus (34 pin connector)
  • RS232 serial interface (25 pin D-type)
  • Two cassette interfaces (6 pin DIN)
  • Two game paddle interfaces (6 pin DIN)
  • Audio out (6 pin DIN)
  • Video out