In April 1985, the CPC464 was replaced by the CPC664. This was basically the same machine, but with a slightly improved keyboard and a 3" disc drive in place of the cassette recorder.

Along with the disc drive, Amstrad also bundled a copy of the CP/M operating system, to give access to a number of business applications.

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Manufacturer Amstrad
Processor Z80A
Speed (MHz) 4
RAM (KB) 64
RAM expandable to (KB) 128
ROM (KB) 32
Sound 3 channel with noise
Keyboard type Calculator-style
Number of keys 74
Dimensions (mm) 70x580x170
Weight (g) 2400
  • 7 bit parallel port
  • Expansion port
  • RGB port to bundled monitor
  • Joystick port (9 pin D-type)
  • Headphone socket