Commodore 16

Released in June 1984 and costing £140, the Commodore 16 was intended as the replacement for the VIC-20. Given that most home computers by then had 64k RAM, a 16k machine did not seem a particularly good purchase, so on the whole, people didn't.

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Manufacturer Commodore
Processor MOS 7501
Speed (MHz) -0.87
RAM (KB) 16
RAM expandable to (KB) (unknown)
ROM (KB) 32
Sound 2 channels
Keyboard type Typewriter-style
Number of keys 66
Dimensions (mm) 76x203x406
Weight (g) (unknown)
  • Serial port
  • Cartridge/expansion port
  • Cassette interface (8-pin)
  • 2 joystick ports (8-pin)
  • Composite video output