Atari TT

The TT, announced in August 1989 was Atari's second attempt at a "high-end" machine. Like the Mega ST before it, the TT had a separate base-unit and keyboard, but there the similarities ended. The machine was based around the faster 68030 processor (with optional maths coprocessor), had greatly improved graphics and sound capabilities and came with a built-in 30MB hard disc. It also came with a price tag of just under £2,000.

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Manufacturer Atari
Processor 68030
Speed (MHz) 16
RAM (KB) 2048
RAM expandable to (KB) 26624
ROM (KB) (unknown)
Sound 2 8-bit channels
Keyboard type Typewriter-style
Number of keys 95
Dimensions (mm) (unknown)x(unknown)x(unknown)
Weight (g) (unknown)
  • SCSI port
  • RS232c interface (25 pin D-type)
  • LAN connector
  • Parallel port (25 pin D-type)
  • MIDI-in port (5 pin DIN)
  • MIDI-out port (5 pin DIN)
  • Mouse / joystick port (9-pin D-type)
  • Joystick port (9 pin D-type)
  • Cartridge port
  • DMA port
  • ASCI port
  • VME bus