Atari ST

The ST was Atari's first model in their 16-bit computer range. It featured an external 3.5 inch floppy disk and an interface to attach to either a high-resolution (640x400) monochrome monitor or a lower-resolution colour one.

With a similar specification to the Apple Macintosh and a price tag of around £750 (roughly £2000 less than the Macintosh) Atari hoped it would become a major business machine, but while it did very well with musicians thanks to the built in MIDI interface it never managed this success in other business fields.

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Manufacturer Atari
Processor 68000
Speed (MHz) 8
RAM (KB) 512
RAM expandable to (KB) 1024
ROM (KB) 192
Sound 3 channels with noise
Keyboard type Typewriter-style
Number of keys 95
Dimensions (mm) 60x740x240
Weight (g) (unknown)