Apple IIGS

Designed as an updated, but mostly compatable version of the earlier Apple II models, the Apple IIGS came with a bundled monitor, mouse and 3½" disc drive and looked surprisingly similar to the company's Macintosh range (including a similar graphical user interface).

The basic model included a monochrome monitor and cost £975.

Title image
Manufacturer Apple
Processor 65186
Speed (MHz) (unknown)
RAM (KB) 256
RAM expandable to (KB) (unknown)
ROM (KB) (unknown)
Sound Built in Esoniq synthesiser
Keyboard type Detatchable typewrit
Number of keys 81
Dimensions (mm) (unknown)x(unknown)x(unknown)
Weight (g) (unknown)
  • Disc interface to bundled 3" drive
  • RGB port to bundled monitor
  • Mouse port to bundled mouse
  • Serial interface
  • Modem port
  • Joystick port
  • Appletalk network connector