How Does The Internet Work?

Now, there's a question for you. If it's one you can answer then these pages are not for you. If you can't (and if you're interested in finding out) then read on...

The Internet is seen by many as a vast, complicated system that takes everyday tasks, such as sending a memo to a colleague and makes them harder (and generally more expensive.) Up to a point, these people would be correct, although usually the Internet itself isn't the complicated part, it's just the way we use it that makes it appear this way. These pages are an attempt to explain in (relatively) simple terms how it all works. They won't make your email messages arrive faster and they won't prevent your web browser from crashing when you visit some sites, but they may help explain why these things happen.

Well, they might when they're finished. It's going to take a while to get them all written. I'll be adding new bits over time.

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