Who Am I?

That's an easy one to answer. I'm Chris.

If you really want a longer answer than that...

Sugarloaf Mountain, Rio

I'm a techy. Some time in the early 1990s one of the guys I shared an office with wanted to take a look at the (then quite new) world wide web that he had read about, so I installed the web server software (there was only one to choose from back then) onto our little, experimental Linux box in the corner of the office.

Since we now had a web server, I felt the need to put some content onto it and after a bit of thought decided that what the world needed to know about was the old home computers that were lying around, gathering dust in people's attics. Rather curiously, it turns out that there were (and still are) people interested in reading about them!

Istanbul, Turkey

So, what do we have so far?

Oh yes, I'm Chris and I'm a rather sad techy. What else should I add?

Iguazu Falls, South America

Well, I live in the UK, have a beautiful wife called Azita (that's her in the pictures) and don't (currently) have any pets.

Oh yes, I know a thing or two about computers and the Internet, as well.

Venice, Italy

If you want to know more, here's my CV. It's quite long, doesn't have much of a plot and the main character seems a bit geeky, but there you go. If you want something more interesting I recommend Tolkien.

I bet you wished you'd never asked, now, don't you?