Name: Christopher Stratford
Location: Glasgow
Nationality: British

[+]Employment details

December 2011-May 2017 Canonical London, UK
Linux distribution and services company
  • Administration of company servers (several hundred servers and VMs running Ubuntu Linux across multiple data centres and cloud providers)
  • Assisting developers with service-related issues or feature requests
  • Internal and external services deployment and administration (ranging from internal cloud hosting platforms through to globally-accessed Ubuntu mirror servers)
  • Juju charm (cloud orchestration) development and ongoing improvements to aid service scalability
January 2011-November 2011 Claranet London, UK
European Internet service and hosting provider. Approximately 500 employees.
  • Administration of company servers (approximately 200 physical and virtual servers), firewalls and switches
  • Internet services administration and improvement
  • Storage system (BlueArc) administration
February 2010-December 2010 Pure360 Brighton, UK
Email marketing company. Approximately 50 employees.
  • Administration of company Linux servers
  • Day-to-day maintenance of LAMP systems
  • 3rd-line support escalations
July 2009-January 2010 Travelling
January 2009-June 2009 ISS iMedia Barcelona, Spain
Interactive Internet and mobile media development and service provider. Approximately 25 local employees.
  • Administration of local Linux and Windows server systems
  • Active Directory administration
  • Windows desktop installation and support
  • Installation of OpenNMS monitoring system for Linux and Windows servers
  • Evaluation and installation of Bacula backup system
  • Evaluation of Lustre distributed file system (running on a virtual server cluster using Sun VirtualBox)
July 2008-November 2008 Studying for Cisco CCNA
January 2002-June 2008 Vialtus (formerly Pipex) London, UK
UK Internet provider. Approximately 200 employees across multiple sites.
  • Initial creation of server infrastructure to convert the company from a reseller of 3rd party Internet services to one providing its own
  • Linux system administration (mainly Debian and CentOS)
  • Hardware installation, cabling and switch port configuration (Cisco)
  • Internet services administration (mail - Postfix, Exim; web - Apache; DNS - Djbdns, Bind; etc.)
  • Design and build of new services and service enhancements including any programming/scripting as needed (typically in C, Perl, PHP or Bash with rcs version control).
  • Creation of distributed, fault-tolerant customer email platform (approximately 100,000 mailboxes) using Postfix, Courier, Perdition, NetApp NFS-based storage systems and assorted Perl scripts to interface to a back-end MySQL database. As well as initial migration of all customer email from 3rd party supplier's systems
  • Back-end Perl code to interface with the billing database to provide on-line customer invoices
  • Perl code to facilitate email account alterations (back-end for customer-facing interface, both back-end and front-end to internal support interface)
  • Perl code to interpret telephone line-fault data from provider as part of back-end to customer fault-update system
  • Stability enhancements to systems from merged companies (Postgres database changes as well as PHP code changes)
  • Extended Perdition POP/IMAP proxy software to include BerkeleyDB support.
February 1995-December 2001 WorldCom (formerly UUNET) Cambridge, UK
Global Internet and telecommunications company. Approximately 200 local employees.
Due to the changing nature of the company, my role altered several times in the course of my employment.
January 2001-December 2001 Working for engineering group
  • Part of team designing and building an EMEA-wide mail platform using Sendmail, Cyrus, Perdition and LDAP with rcs version control
April 1996-December 2000 Working for system administration group
  • Solaris system administration
  • Design, build and administer Internet services for dial-up customers (mail and web)
  • UUNET UK postmaster (responsible for all UK mail systems within UUNET)
February 1995-March 1996 Working for Windows software development group
  • SunOS (BSD Unix) system administration for development group servers
  • 3rd-line support of locally written Windows email software
  • New software and hardware evaluation
  • Creation of scalable email platform using Qmail and Cyrus as well as provisioning scripts in Perl for UK dial-up customers (at one point hosting over one million customer mailboxes)
  • Creation of scalable web hosting platform for UK dial-up customers using Apache
  • Extended Perdition software in C, including adding LDAP support.
  • Adaptation and installation of UK dial-up email platform for UUNET France.
November 1990-January 1995 Rutherford Appleton Laboratory Didcot, UK
Government-funded research institute. Approximately 1000 local employees.
  • Desktop OS and hardware support
  • Installation of TCP/IP software on end-user desktops
  • Installation and support of Novell Netware servers
  • Writing and maintaining local PC utility software written in C
  • Evaluating new hardware and software products
  • Secretary to the laboratory's PC network interest group
  • Installed an office Linux server to allow members of the team to experiment with Unix-like system and HTML
  • Connected over 100 computer users to the Internet (prior to this it was only possible via a mainframe terminal connection)


1987-1990 University of Kent, Canterbury, Kent, UK
BSc (Hons) Computer Science
1980-1987 Watford Grammar School for Boys, Watford, UK

[+]IT Skills

Python, Perl, PHP, C, Bash, some Java
Internet Services
SMTP (Postfix, Exim, Sendmail, Qmail), HTTP (Apache), DNS (Bind, Djbdns), IMAP/POP3 (Cyrus, Courier), FTP, TFTP, DHCP, NFS, LDAP (OpenLDAP)
MySQL, Postgres, Sybase
TCP/IP, switches, routers
Operating Systems
Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, RedHat/CentOS), Windows Server
Virtualisation and Cloud
VMware ESX/VSphere, Oracle VirtualBox, OpenStack, LXC/LXD containers, AWS (EC2, S3), some experience with GCE and Azure
Monitoring, Backup, Storage (NetApp, BlueArc - mainly NFS, some iSCSI), Version control (bzr, git), Microsoft Active Directory, Automation (Puppet, Juju)


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